End of the year

Well I have officially graduated! I've had a lot of fun but can't help but be a little sad. Here is some of my from from the second half of the semester, as well as some things from my senior project.

the following are some stills and turntables from my senior project.


Mid-Term Portfolio

I feel that my short duration drawing have gotten much better this semester. I used to struggle a little bit to get my gesture drawings to look the way I wanted them to look like.

These gestures are the most current and range from 30 seconds to five minutes.

Whereas these gestures are from earlier in the semester but have roughly the same timeframe.

I don't have as many long drawings, but what I've done this semester I'm pretty happy with.

This drawing was about 30 minutes in length. It was a tricky angle but I'm happy with the way it turned out.

This one was also pretty tricky to drawing and I'm not a fan with the way his left leg looks.

Out of my all my long drawing this one is probably my favorite as far as how it turned out. I think this drawing was around 40 minutes or so.

I still enjoy drawing skulls so three skulls = three times the fun. Although, the top skull looks a little wonky and the 3/4 skull looks a little cartoonish to me.

I feel that I need to work on my foreshortening skills as well as continue working on hands and feet.


New Semester, Old Skills

So I returned to Life Drawing for my third semester to further increase my understanding of the human body. It took a little bit of time to get back in the swing of things, but eventually it got back to where I needed to be. I think it went a little better because unlike LD I and LD II, which I had a whole year between, I only had this summer between LD II and LD III. It was a little strange changing from immobile skeletons back to moving people. I'm not much of a fan of the 30 second gesture drawings. I prefer the longer poses so I can actually think about my drawings. I'll have to post some of my work from this past week a little later as I haven't taken any pictures of them yet.


Mid-Term Portfolio

These four drawings I believe show the best work I've done so far this semester.

This was done near the beginning of the semester.  Through this drawing I learned to look for the basic shapes in a body/skeletal part.  As you can see I broke down the vertebrae into cubes and slowly began adding complexity.  A big part of this drawing was me getting back into the swing of life drawing as there was a year long gap for me between life drawing 1 and 2.  The hardest part I felt was getting the protrusions on the back of the vertebrae to look right.

This is a study of the rib cage and how it connects to the spinal column.  The main focus was the rib cage so the spine doesn't have nearly as much time spent on it.  I found it interesting that roughly half of the ribs don't actually connect to the sternum.  Looking back at this drawing I notice that the sternum is a bit too straight and thin at the top.

This drawing focuses more on the pelvis.  The pelvis is incredibly complex and was not easy to draw.  The most difficult part I had was getting the proportions to line up and look correct.  The simplified spine and rib cage are merely to show the position of the pelvis in relation to the rest of the torso.

This is a drawing of the leg.  I think I did the best job of showing plane changes through shading on this drawing.  The cross contour lines could use more work as they make the leg seem more cylindrical rather than like a prism.  I learned that the fibula actually sits lower than the tibia.  This was also rather difficult to get the proportions of the leg correct and it took many tries. 


Assignment 1

Ok, so this post is later than it was supposed to be, but better late than never.  These are the vertebrae drawing we did for assignment one.  The top two are clavicle vertebrae, the first one most likely.  My classmates liked the line values and thought they showed good depth.  They suggested that I get a little more top view for the first drawing and that it's a little too front on, but they thought the angle on the second one worked well.  The last drawing, the lumbar vertebrae was a bit of a rush job which is why it looks like crap.